Cellex Covid-19 Rapid Antibody Test

  • Small sample: 10μl Serum/Plasma/Whole blood Specimens.
  • Tests results seen within 15 minutes, 
  • Cassette design allows for clinician to process and read results quickly, no laboratory equipment needed.
  • Accurate and reliable results (PPA – Positive Percent Agreement) 96.8% and NPA – (Negative Percent Agreement) 97.8%. 
  • Cellex Test cassette includes; large sample and buffer well, internal control line(C – line), and both a (G – line)IgG and (M – line)IgM
  • Cellex Rapid Test allow clinicians to confirm antibodies and take immediate action regarding the individual and their situation if  test results are positive.

COVID-19 Cellex Rapid Test
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Cellex Rapid Test Results


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