BodiTrak High Res Pressure Mapping Seat/Back Systems

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Product Description

Boditrak Seat/Back Systems sense your patients’ body pressures and intelligently adjust, automatically adapting to redistribute pressures away from vulnerable parts of the body. Achieve the most effective rehabilitation and seating solutions for your clients, helping to develop and document the solution recommended for the best in client care. The heart of our system is an innovative pressure sensing fabric that is stretchable and breathable with patented stretch sensors. Ensure compliance of clinical standards. Enhance overall quality of care. Software display identifies peak pressure points and features a high sampling speed.

BodiTrak Pressure Mapping Systems Include:

        • Stretch sensor of choice
        • T7 electronics integrated into sensing mat
        • Enhanced BodiTrak
        • BodiTrak carrying case


        • Real time pressure mapping
        • History of pressure over time
        • Focused pressure areas highlighted
        • Pressure vs. Time monitor
        • Braden scale risk factor
        • Selectable time to turn
        • Maximum pressure over time
        • Selectable alarms
        • Central station monitoring display
        • USB powered and connected from sensor to computer


Item Number: BT-SFS0012 Model BT1526

        • High Resolution Seat System BodiTrak Mat Dimensions: 22” L x 22”W x .1”D (555 mm L x 555 mm W x 2.5 mm D)
        • Sensing Area: 465 mm L x 465 mm W, 1024 sensing cells, 32 columns, 32 rows

Item Number: BT-SFS0014 Model BT1526x2

        • High Resolution Seat System BodiTrak (Equipped with 2 High Resolution seat-sized mats that can be used interchangeably.)

Item number: BT-SFS0012 Model BT1526 & BT-SFS0014 Model BT1526x2