Comfort I/O Iontophoresis Electrodes – Large

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Product Description

Item# PMI-CIO40

Comfort I/O Iontophoresis Electrodes – Large

  • One Box
  • 12 Kits Per Box
  • Active Pad: Drug Delivery Electrode
    • Comfort/IO’s exclusive double sided Silver-Sliver
    Chloride ensures pH balance, lower impedance and
    100% delivery at lower mA outputs for greater patient
    comfort with less skin irritation.
    • User-friendly non-adhesive tabs allows ease of
    electrode placement.
    • Soft and conformable Buered Active Electrode with
    more aggressive adhesive properties to minimize
  • Dispersive Pad: Return Electrode
    • The PMI Buered Return Electrode with its uniquely
    applied layer of Pure Silver (Ag) provides excellent
    current dispersion and lower impedance
    • The larger surface area oers greater patient comfort
    during treatment.
    • Extra thick 35 mil. Buered Gel maintains neutral
    pH levels and aids with optimal adhesion.