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Space Design and Layout Consulting

Our design team works with each customer to review their project blueprints and recommend space layouts that create functionality, efficient user flow and the most appropriate mix of equipment.  This, in-turn, maximizes both therapy and fitness center revenue potentials. We utilize state of the art 3D CAD software to create illustrations which showcase the space design layouts.  These drawings help customers to make informed planning decisions prior to beginning the build-out.

Equipment Consulting

We work with each customer to evaluate the best brands available within the therapy and fitness markets. We also assists each customer through every stage of construction, in determining which equipment will best work within their space and facility. Based on these specific objectives, along with the customers’ approval, our staff creates comprehensive lists of equipment to match the specific needs of the customers’ space. This equipment list ensures that the new therapy and fitness spaces will be maximized and will create the best revenue-generating opportunities possible.

assessmentsEquipment and Space Assessment Consulting

Our Equipment Utilization Assessment Report helps customers gauge the use of all their current equipment. This report helps our customers to assess their equipment quickly and identify those pieces of equipment the staff uses consistently, helping customers to make informed decisions regarding future equipment purchases. This Report also helps customers to create better training opportunities. In some cases, confirms the decision to replace unused equipment with new equipment, incorporating NEW technology and design improvements. The utilization report ensures that the equipment is maximized, creating consistent and sustainable revenues.


trainingEquipment and Clinical Training Consulting

Our staff is Product Certified by manufacturers ensuring each customer receives the very best in product service and product knowledge. We offers flexible training schedules. These include: “On-Site” and “Phone” sessions.

“On-Site” training sessions are completed at the customer’s facility by our experienced and knowledgeable staff during the installation of new equipment.

“Phone” training sessions can be completed any time after the initial installation of the equipment.