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FlexTech® is a fully integrated real-time monitoring and performance tracking system that works with your existing or new PhysioFit™ strength equipment. FlexTech® affords trainers, therapists and wellness administrators the ability to effectively manage active aging, wellness and rehabilitation programs electronically.

All aspects of the member/patient workout performance are digitally recorded. FlexTech™ has the ability to measure ROM with a resolution of less than one-tenth of a millimeter; additionally, large fonts and an intuitive user interface make FlexTech™ extremely easy to navigate.

Using the myflextech.com internet portal, the program administrator can quickly review workout statistics and performances and create comprehensive reports for documenting member/patient performance progress.


  • Full color touchscreen display device
  • Computerized hardware & software workout monitoring and tracking system
  • Track sets, reps, weight, ROM, movement speed, Power Factors, time and much more
  • Each FlexTech™ device has the ability to display advertisements, these ads can be used to share your facility news and promote general sales. Ad space can be sold to local merchants providing additional revenue streams

How to order:

Arrowhead Medical Resources
35010 Rolland Road
Cohasset, MN 55721-2261
P: (888) 932-0016
F: (218) 328-0015