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About Us

Welcome to Arrowhead Medical Equipment & Supply, manufacturer and distributor of Senior Therapeutic Wellness equipment.  We also provide consultation in space design for Wellness Center new builds or remodel projects.

Our facility design consulting service ensures that your wellness center will have the right mix of equipment, that the space will be functional and profitable, and that it addresses the therapeutic needs of a growing senior population.


Our Team:

Our staff works with each customer to ensure that their STW project will be a successful center and create the revenues that the wellness space is capable of producing. This is accomplished through meeting with the administration and staff of the care community. We also help therapy and wellness staff to utilize the equipment at the highest level possible. Arrowhead Medical Equipment & Supply staff assists each customer in looking at equipment economic values to the space (ROI). This includes Medicare, major insurance reimbursement and membership dues.  We help customers to market their STW centers to the active seniors living in those communities and work with each customer to identify the correct equipment for the space. This ensures that only the appropriate equipment is purchased for the center.

Arrowhead Medical Equipment & Supply’s technical support department is responsible for all product support, research and development of the equipment lines we carry. Additionally, the technical staff facilitates product training with the appropriate facility staff.  This ensures a complete understanding of the products, which consequently improves product usage and overall value.

Our CAD design staff works with customers to help develop, design and create therapy and wellness spaces that are both functional and user friendly for residents/members. Arrowhead Medical Equipment & Supply utilizes state-of-the-art Auto-CAD software to create and design 3D spaces. This technology allows our customers to visualize their project prior to the actual building of the space.  We also work with each customer, architect and builder to modify the space, allowing for any changes or upgrades before the start of construction.  This process is a critical component to make certain that the space will be both functional and sustainable. Throughout this design process, Arrowhead Medical Equipment & Supply helps each customer to evaluate the equipment, ensuring the success of the therapy and wellness space.

Arrowhead Medical Equipment & Supply’s Logistics Staff is responsible for working with freight and logistic partners to guarantee each customer order is delivered without any damage. This final phase of the order is vital. Monitoring each delivery closely helps reduce potential product damage during transit.  This process reduces and even eliminates equipment delays which add expense to customer’s order. Arrowhead Medical Equipment & Supply’s Logistics staff also negotiates with freight partners the best delivery option for each order which safeguards that equipment will be delivered on time and without damage. The Logistics staff also performs warranty work and supervises equipment maintenance schedules. This keeps the equipment well maintained and in TOP working order.