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Dynavison for concussions, athletes, tactical training Dynavision athletic training

Advanced Dynavision Training Seminar (ADT)

The seminar will be held at The University of Cincinnati. Friday, October 31, 2014.

Registration Now Available


What is Dynavision D2™ used for?

Concussion Management

When a concussion is suspected, the D2™ can be an important, objective assessment tool. If a concussion occurs, post injury performance can be compared to baseline scores to aid in making a return to play decision.

Injury Prevention

Recent studies have shown that improved peripheral visual awareness and faster reaction time may result in fewer injuries.


The D2™ is established as a widely used medical device of choice for the visual, neuro, driver retraining and physical rehabilitation of patients following stroke, TBI and upper extremity injury.

Athletic Performance

Train your visual-motor and cognitive reaction skills. Training on the D2™ improves reaction times, visual-motor coordination and peripheral visual awareness.


In the Military World, Elite Forces Constantly Strive to be Faster, Smarter, Stronger One of the most important skills in the field of tactical work is the ability to dynamically read and react to a variety of situations while under extreme levels of stress.

What is Senior Therapeutic Wellness?

"Senior Therapeutic Wellness is specifically designed, technology based Wellness and Therapy Equipment. When utilized by your residents, therapy patients, and community seniors will help to create a healthy "age-in-place" lifestyle for all participants. In addition to helping your residents, therapy patients, and community seniors it also helps your facilicites bottom line by creating new revenues"
-Dave Lutz President and CEO of Arrowhead Medical Resources

Hear how Arrowhead Medical Resources using Senior Therapeutic Wellness has created new ROI opportunities

Dave from Galeon
Dave from Galeon


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